The Elder Isles

A shared sandbox setting use a hybrid of Magic World & Renaissance game systems.

Hybras, once known as the Elder Isles, laid off the coasts of Cornwall, Aquitaine and Iberia in the Cantabrian Gulf, before slipping beneath the waves hundreds of years ago. But, our tale takes place before that fateful day.

It’s the year of our Lord Mithras, 2,212 (also reckoned as 1455, by a small, oddly similar, Jewish sect in the Levant). The Isles are a land of decadent lords, warring knights, cunning villains and deep mysteries. The heart of those mysteries is the dark, brooding, and vast Tantravalles Forest; a vast mythic wood blanketing much of the Island where the mundane and the weird mingle and clash: Venal dwarves mine their gold, fairies swap changelings for human infants, grimalkin highwaymen rob the coaches, while crafty witches and secretive wizards work subtle schemes. Beyond the woods, life proceeds apace much as it does anywhere else: hard-working peasants eek out a living as fishermen, farmers, and herdsmen along the windswept moors and coasts and a dozen petty kings plot and move against one another, always seeking Evandig, the long-lost throne of the High King.

While the Isles are known to mainland Europe, getting there to here can be extremely difficult. Heavy mists frequently shroud the coast, treacherous shoals flank it on all sides, and tales of sea serpents breaking up entire squadrons of warships are frequent enough to dissuade all but the most desperate or daring sea captains or pirates. Despite these dangers, trading ships laden with goods and passengers still conduct modest commerce with the ancient mercantile towns of Ys, Avallon, , Bulmer Skeme, and Lyonesse Town. Likewise, no shortage of adventurous men and women are drawn here every season to the ancient Isles. Whether lured by promises of riches, knowledge, power or desperate for a better life, they come. Many end up penniless, broken, or vanish without a trace, but a few make their mark and add their names to the songs and stories of minstrels and bards.

The Elder Isles

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