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The Elder Isles

A shared sandbox setting use a hybrid of Magic World & Renaissance game systems.

Hybras, once known as the Elder Isles, laid off the coasts of Cornwall, Aquitaine and Iberia in the Cantabrian Gulf, before slipping beneath the waves hundreds of years ago. But, our tale takes place before that fateful day.

On the continent it is a time of great upheaval. Europe is burning as Protestants and Catholic armies march against each other and decimate the countryside. Here, the Isles seem far removed from such concerns. The Christian god never found much traction here, his proselytizing missionaries mostly eaten by ogres, or driven back into the sea by the Druids. Instead, the people seem content to hold on to a dozen pagan traditions, inherited from the waves of invading peoples — Celts, Romans, Persians and Phoenicians — who have settled here through the centuries.

As a result of their isolation, and anachronistic tendencies, The Elder Isles have changed very little for a thousand years or more; full of its simple peasants, decadent gentry, warring knights, cunning villains and deep mysteries. The heart of those mysteries is the dark, brooding, Tantravalles Forest; a vast mythic wood blanketing much of the Island — a place where the mundane and the weird mingle and clash. Under its hoary boughs, venal dwarves mine their gold, fairies swap changelings for human babies, grimalkin highwaymen rob coaches, and crafty witches & secretive wizards work their subtle schemes against one another. However that delicate balance is threatened. Beyond the woods, new ideas, fashions and contraptions imported from the continent are changing attitudes and the normal ebb and flow of daily life. The gun, clockwork weapons of war, and a rising mercantile class upset traditional ways of life, and threaten to break the tenuous peace, brought about by stalemate between a dozen dukes, and princelings who plot and move against one another, always seeking Evandig, the elusive,long-unclaimed, throne of the High King.

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