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Rules Overview

The game is a Hybrid of Renaissance and Magic World. The majority of the rules and systems are retained from Renaissance, but a few items are borrowed from Magic World, mainly: Weapon Category skills (purchased as ‘Advanced Skills’), variable armor reduction, as well as some of the magic systems from both Magic World and Advanced Sorcery

Play AidsResources, tables, helpers, character sheets, etc.
Character CreationSummary of steps and procedures for creating characters
Non-human RacesCharacter Creation guidelines for playing Elves, Dwarves, and Grimalkin
Money and EquipmentAlterations and calculating cost
Weapons and CombatModifications to Renaissance weapons skills
FirearmsModifications to the firearms rules presented in the core rulebook

The Setting

Collaborative World BuildingShared world-building procedures and results
A Brief HistoryNotable events of the past
GeographyPeoples, places & cultures
The GodsBeings of power and their cults
Current EventsCurrent fashions, trends and politics
Persons of NoteMovers and shakers
Inspirational MediaThings to watch and read

VTT and Communication

Tips — hotkeys and shortcuts
connection information — how to connect to the game and VOIP requirements


Main Page

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